Personal Training

Personal training starts with a physical assessment to determine your current fitness level. Testing will assess your current levels of strength, flexibility and endurance and provide the baseline for developing exercise programs tailored to fit your specific goals. Resistance training using free weights, exercise tubing, dumbbells, medicine balls, foam rollers and stability balls makes up the core of most exercise programs. We'll work through the routines together as you learn how to perform the exercises safely and properly to get your best results. Cardiovascular training guidelines are also provided to round out the program.


For a yoga student, we start with an exploratory class to assess your fitness level then progress from there. Flexibility is an often-overlooked aspect of fitness and yoga is the ideal way to address it. Yoga trains the mind, body and spirit to work together at improving strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. You can do it regardless of your age or level of physical fitness. It is a natural form of stress reduction and relaxation that will improve your quality of life, enhance your ability to perform daily activities and give yourself a greater sense of purpose, self-worth and accomplishment.


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